Automate your team celebrations with Jolly

Maintaining a positive workplace culture and employee engagement can be challenging. Use Jolly, your joyful birthday and work anniversary bot, to automate your team's birthday and work anniversary celebrations in Slack.

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Why should your team use Jolly?

Using Jolly for birthday celebrations is a simple but effective way to enhance your team's workplace culture, foster team cohesion, and create a more enjoyable and productive work environment.

Celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries

Jolly helps you celebrate team member's special day by sending a joyful message in a Slack channel. Jolly makes sure that you'll never miss an important day.

Positive workplace culture

Building a positive workplace culture is essential for your company's success. When team members feel that their contributions are acknowledged, they are more likely to be motivated.

Jolly brings remote teams together

Even if your team is spread out across the globe, Jolly is perfect for virtually bringing the team together. Make sure your team is present when it matters.

Team bonding

Jolly provides an opportunity for team members to connect on a personal level. Sharing in the joy can strengthen relationships among colleagues, which leads to better teamwork.

Streamline your HR processes

Managing celebrations for a large team can be time-consuming for HR. Use Jolly to reduce the burden on HR and ensure that team celebrations are never forgotten.

Boost your team's morale

Birthday celebrations create a positive and inclusive work environment. Jolly can boost team morale by making each team member feel valued and appreciated on their special day.

Automate your team's birthday and work anniversary celebrations

Using Jolly makes birthday celebrations easy and automated. It eliminates the need for manual reminders or coordination. This frees up your team's time and ensures that no birthdays are accidentally overlooked or forgotten.

The best thing is: if you're a team with less than 20 employees, Jolly is absolutely free for you.

Join hundreds of teams already using Jolly

"Since adding Jolly to our organization, the days of scrambling to remember everyone's special day or trying to organize last-minute celebrations are gone"