Choose a plan that works for your team the best. You can use Jolly for free up to 20 active users in your workspace.


Perfect for small businesses for up to 20 users.


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  • Up to 20 users
  • Birthday & work anniversary celebrations
  • Add to single Slack channel
  • Customize celebration messages
  • Manage your favorites
  • Collect your team's birthdays/anniversaries
  • Private Slack channels
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Perfect for any team, doesn't matter if 30 or 500 people.


per active user, per month

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  • Unlimited users
  • Birthday & work anniversary celebrations
  • Import birthdays/anniversaries from Excel
  • Add to multiple Slack channels
  • Customize celebration messages
  • Manage your favorites
  • Private Slack channels
  • Priority support


Contact us for special pricing. Minimum of 200 users.

  • HRIS integration
  • Auto-sync from HRIS
  • Concierge onboarding
  • High priority support

Price can include local taxes or VAT.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided answers to some frequently asked questions below. If you still have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How does it work?

Get started in 3 minutes

Jolly is just so incredibly easy to set up and configure. Even if you have a huge team, it takes just a few minutes to have it up and running.

  1. Add to Slack
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    Add Jolly to Slack

    You can find Jolly at Slack App Directory or add to Slack by pressing the Add to Slack button right here. Once you authorize Jolly to your Slack workspace, you're taken to a beautiful onboarding page.

  2. Configure Jolly to your needs

    Fine-tune celebration channels, timezone and posting time, let Jolly know how to handle celebrations that occur during the weekend — all in one place.


    Welcome to Jolly Emoji

  3. 3

    Collect birthdays and work anniversaries

    Every member of your team will receive a message encouraging them to set their birthday & work anniversary date. If you know all dates in advance, you can enter all of them manually or import them from an Excel file.

  4. Done! You're up and running Emoji

    Sit back, relax, and let Jolly do all the work. You can update your Jolly configuration at any time right from your Slack workspace.


Join hundreds of teams already using Jolly

"Since adding Jolly to our organization, the days of scrambling to remember everyone's special day or trying to organize last-minute celebrations are gone"