Jolly is simple & intuitive, but comes with a powerful set of features to truly fine-tune Slack celebrations to your organization's needs.

Easy path to team celebrations

Jolly sends beautiful celebration messages to Slack channels on special days, but you're not limited to messages we generate.

Joyful celebration messages

Jolly sends a random & joyful celebration message to Slack channels of your choice.

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Customize messages

Looking to customize and personalize celebration messages? Jolly has you covered.

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View all upcoming celebrations

View the list of all upcoming celebrations happening this year.

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Collect birthdays and anniversaries

There are several ways of collecting birthdays and anniversaries for your team — manually or let your team enter their dates.

Manage birthdays and anniversaries in bulk

Manage your entire team's birthdays and anniversaries in bulk as an admin.

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Import dates from an Excel file

If you know all dates in advance, Jolly allows you to import them from an Excel file.

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Integrate with HRIS

Jolly integrates with 30+ HRIS software to automatically pull and sync data for your employees.

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Personalize your experience

Every Slack member can customize Jolly to personalize their experience.

Weekly reminders

Receive private reminders every Monday about all the birthdays and anniversaries happening that week.

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Add any coworker to Favorites and get notified in DMs when they have a birthday or a work anniversary.

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Opt out

Not interested in sharing your birthday publicly? Opt out and never receive public celebration.

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Fine-tune to your organization size

Jolly may be simple and intuitive, but you can truly set it up to work perfectly for every organization size.

Customize timezone and posting time

Customize the time in your local timezone when Jolly will post celebrations.

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Add to multiple Slack channels

Add to as many public or private Slack channels as you need, and separate celebrations by team.

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Manage admin users

Admins can configure Jolly, manage birthdays, etc. Manage who they are.

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Join hundreds of teams already using Jolly

"Since adding Jolly to our organization, the days of scrambling to remember everyone's special day or trying to organize last-minute celebrations are gone"