Your team's Chief Celebration Officer

Does your team have that one person who looks up their Excel sheet every day to see whose birthday is today? Use Jolly to automate your team's birthday and work anniversary celebrations.

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The best employee engagement software for Slack

Why use Jolly?

Teams using Jolly have created a more positive workplace culture and boosted their employee engagement & morale. Jolly is a Slack celebration bot that will send hand-crafted & joyful celebration messages whenever anyone from your team has a birthday or a work anniversary.

Celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries

Jolly helps you celebrate team member's special day by sending a joyful message in a Slack channel. Jolly makes sure that you'll never miss an important day.

Jolly brings remote teams together

Even if your team is spread out across the globe, Jolly is perfect for virtually bringing the team together. Make sure your team is present when it matters.

Happy team is a productive team

Everyone is happier on their special day. Although we don't have any scientific sources for this, we're sure that the team is 72% more productive when happier.

"Jolly has become an essential part of our company's culture, and I highly recommend it to any organization that wants to maintain a positive workplace culture"
Key Features

What can Jolly do?

Jolly can be fine-tuned to suit your team's needs perfectly. There's a celebration happening during the weekend? Tell Jolly what to do, and it will do it.

Hand-crafted or custom celebration messages

We hand-crafted dozens of beautiful and joyful birthday & work anniversary messages that are randomly chosen for every celebration. If you don't like them, you can always add your own.

Integrate with HRIS

Jolly integrates with 30+ HRIS software to automatically pull and sync data for your employees.

Upcoming celebrations

Interested in seeing every celebration until the end of the year? Or maybe just this week's celebrations? Jolly has you covered.

Handle weekend celebrations

As a good manager, you don't want to bother your team during the weekend. Jolly lets you choose whether to celebrate on Friday (before the weekend) or on Monday (after the weekend).

Upcoming reminders & Favorites

Receive weekly reminders when your team has their special day. Don't want to be reminded for everyone? Add people to your list of Favorites and get personally notified.

Import dates from an Excel file

Upon installation, Jolly will ask every team member to set their birthday & work anniversary date. If you know all dates in advance, Jolly allows you to import all of them from an Excel file.

How does it work?

Get started in 3 minutes

Jolly is just so incredibly easy to set up and configure. Even if you have a huge team, it takes just a few minutes to have it up and running.

  1. Add to Slack
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    Add Jolly to Slack

    You can find Jolly at Slack App Directory or add to Slack by pressing the Add to Slack button right here. Once you authorize Jolly to your Slack workspace, you're taken to a beautiful onboarding page.

  2. Configure Jolly to your needs

    Fine-tune celebration channels, timezone and posting time, let Jolly know how to handle celebrations that occur during the weekend — all in one place.


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    Collect birthdays and work anniversaries

    Every member of your team will receive a message encouraging them to set their birthday & work anniversary date. If you know all dates in advance, you can enter all of them manually or import them from an Excel file.

  4. Done! You're up and running Emoji

    Sit back, relax, and let Jolly do all the work. You can update your Jolly configuration at any time right from your Slack workspace.


Join hundreds of teams already using Jolly

"Since adding Jolly to our organization, the days of scrambling to remember everyone's special day or trying to organize last-minute celebrations are gone"