Celebrate your team's birthdays in Slack with Jolly

If you're an enterprise, you know the pain of maintaining a positive workplace culture and employee engagement at scale. Use Jolly to automate your team's birthday and work anniversary celebrations to ease the pain.

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Benefits of using Jolly

Use Jolly for your team

In large organizations with diverse teams, it's very challenging to ensure that every team member feels seen and valued. Use Jolly to automate your celebrations to make it easier.

Celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries

Jolly helps you celebrate team member's special day by sending a joyful message in a Slack channel. Jolly makes sure that you'll never miss an important day.

Positive workplace culture

Maintaining a positive workplace culture is essential. When team members feel that their contributions are acknowledged, they are more likely to be motivated.

Team bonding

Jolly provides an opportunity for team members to connect on a personal level. Sharing in the joy can strengthen relationships among colleagues, which leads to better teamwork.

Boost your team's morale

Birthday celebrations create a positive and inclusive work environment. Jolly can boost team morale by making each team member feel valued and appreciated on their special day.

Automate your team's birthday and work anniversary celebrations

Using Jolly makes birthday celebrations easy and automated. It eliminates the need for manual reminders or coordination. This frees up your team's time and ensures that no birthdays are accidentally overlooked or forgotten.

Key Features

What can Jolly do?

Jolly can be fine-tuned to suit your team's needs perfectly. There's a celebration happening during the weekend? Tell Jolly what to do, and it will do it.

Hand-crafted or custom celebration messages

We hand-crafted dozens of beautiful and joyful birthday & work anniversary messages that are randomly chosen for every celebration. If you don't like them, you can always add your own.


Don't want to celebrate your birthdays or work anniversaries with your team? With Jolly, you can opt out of celebrations in 10 seconds.

Upcoming celebrations

Interested in seeing every celebration until the end of the year? Or maybe just this week's celebrations? Jolly has you covered.

Handle weekend celebrations

As a good manager, you don't want to bother your team during the weekend. Jolly lets you choose whether to celebrate on Friday (before the weekend) or on Monday (after the weekend).

Automatic & manual reminders

Somebody in the team forgot to set their dates? Not to worry, Jolly will remind them a few times. You can also remind them yourself with a click of a button.

Collect dates automatically... or manually

Upon installation, Jolly will ask every team member to set their birthday & work anniversary date. If you know all dates in advance, Jolly allows you to manually set dates for your team.

How does it work?

Get started in 3 minutes

Jolly is just so incredibly easy to set up and configure. Even if you have a huge team, it takes just a few minutes to have it up and running.

  1. Add to Slack
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    Add Jolly to Slack

    You can find Jolly at Slack App Directory or add to Slack by pressing the Add to Slack button right here. Once you authorize Jolly to your Slack workspace, you're taken to a beautiful onboarding page.

  2. Configure Jolly to your needs

    Fine-tune celebration channels, timezone and posting time, let Jolly know how to handle celebrations that occur during the weekend — all in one place.


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    Collect birthdays and work anniversaries

    Every member of your team will receive a message encouraging them to set their birthday & work anniversary date. If you know all dates in advance, enter them manually by clicking Manually enter dates in your Slack workspace.

  4. Done! You're up and running Emoji

    Sit back, relax, and let Jolly do all the work. You can update your Jolly configuration at any time right from your Slack workspace.


Ready to get started?

Did we successfully convince you to try Jolly? Get stared for free in minutes. Be a good manager and let Jolly make you never miss your team member's birthday or work anniversary.