Grouping celebration messages

Starting today, you can instruct Jolly to group all the celebrations into a single message sent to your Slack channel. Prior to this change, if several people have a birthday or a work anniversary on the same day, Jolly will send an individual celebration message for every person.

Now, you can change this by clicking "Settings" within Jolly and enabling message grouping. If you have a large team, this is a great way to prevent a large number of messages from coming into your Slack channel.

If you still are not using Jolly to automate your birthday and work anniversary celebrations in Slack, now is the time to do so!

Grouping celebration messages

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"Since adding Jolly to our organization, the days of scrambling to remember everyone's special day or trying to organize last-minute celebrations are gone"
"Our team members feel appreciated and valued on their special day, and Jolly takes care of that automatically"